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Houston woman fires shots at neighbor's dog but bullet ricochets and hits her 5-year-old son

Antonia 03/08/2021

Houston-Police said a mother trying to shoot a dog running across a street in northern Houston was charged with accidentally shooting her five-year-old son.

The incident took place Saturday afternoon at 700 Dunham Road.

Angelia Mia Vargas, 24, was charged with lethal firearms.

Vargas' son, pictured left as a baby, was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The married mom-of-two has been ordered to stay away from Bruno's owner 

According to neighbors, the dog started running when Vargas, his son, and another family were biking down the street.

The dog, named Bruno, is a 6-month-old boxer puppy. Bruno’s owner didn’t want to be in the camera, but told him what happened to ABC7’s sister station, ABC13.

“Bruno was barking and barking, so I left home. I was wondering if my brother would come,” said the owner. “So, if you open the door a little, he will run.”

A Ring doorbell camera shows a six-month-old boxer puppy named Bruno running across a yard in Houston on Saturday afternoon 

Bruno's owner (center) pursues the loose dog, telling its to come back 

Moments later, multiple gunshots ring out and a woman screams 

In the Ring Doorbell video obtained by ABC13, you can see Bruno running and the owner chasing behind him. You can see the owner telling the dog to go home. The dog walked down the street, and within a second, multiple gunshots were heard. Following the gunshot, the boy’s parents screamed for a long time.

According to police, Vargas’s five-year-old son was taken to the hospital in a stable condition with a life-threatening wound.

Bruno suffered graze wounds to two of its legs but was otherwise unharmed

The owner of the dog was cited for letting the young boxer run loose without a leash 

According to HPD’s major assault and domestic violence department detective J. Hasley, the boy was struck in the abdomen with one of three bullets allegedly fired by Vargas from a small-caliber pistol.

“She could have dealt with it in another way. As you know, she was there, her husband was, and I was, so nothing would have happened. Such a bad thing would have happened. There was nothing. “

He feels sorry for the child being beaten and has been having nightmares since that day.

“I was asleep and dreamed of hearing a little boy crying. I woke up when I was sleeping yesterday.”

From the video, you can see that only a few seconds have passed since the dog started running until it fired. Bruno grabbed one leg, but everything else was fine. Bruno’s owner was accused of class C misdemeanor for having a free-range dog.

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