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Positive Things That Will Happen to You If You Stop Shaving Your Body Right Now

Josephine 25/02/2022

When celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, or Ashley Graham appear on the red carpet with visible body hair, people tend to react differently. While some think it's inappropriate, others believe it's time to break outdated beauty standards. And although what anyone decides to do with their body hair is entirely their choice, there are actually many science-backed health benefits of letting your body hair grow.

1. You will be less vulnerable to skin infections.

Even if you're used to shaving and do it on a daily basis, it's nearly impossible to avoid nicks and small cuts that can be irritating, and if they're not treated properly, it can lead to various skin issues. Seemingly innocent razor bumps might actually be a sign of a common skin condition called folliculitis. When your hair follicles are damaged, it makes it easier for bacteria to get inside and cause an infection.

2. It might prevent certain skin conditions.

If you choose to leave your body hair intact, you'll be skipping the risk of razor burns and ingrown hairs, the most common and frustrating consequences of shaving. Micro-breaks that appear on your skin when you shave might lead to other annoying conditions, such as skin irritation, armpit pimples, and skin tags.

3. It can help your skin heal faster.

If you have bruises or wounds on your body, it's better to ditch your razor for a while because body hair can actually speed up the healing process. Hair follicles contain stemcells that help to heal your skin from sores and cuts faster.

4. It might reduce chafing.

If you do lots of physical activity, you're probably familiar with the unpleasant feeling of chafing and unwanted rashes in your underarms. This happens because moisture combined with friction and irritating fabric causes burns on your skin. When you chose not to shave your armpit hair, you're helping to reduce the chances of further irritation.

Do you prefer to remove your body hair or leave it intact?

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