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Thug Shot Cop 4 Times, Officer Shows Up at Court With a "Little Gift"

Josephine 17/11/2021

Rojas was 19 when he was spotted one day driving erratically by an off-duty officer. The officer, who was with his teenage son at the time, decided to make a traffic stop, only for Rojas to get out of his car and fire off shots in his direction.

Fortunately the officer's son wasn't hit, but the officer himself was, four times. He was struck in the face, stomach, and hand, but ultimately survived the encounter, even retaining the wherewithal to get off his own rounds in return.

When he did so, Rojas fled the scene, stealing a truck and racing back to barricade himself inside his home. When officers arrived at the house they were able to subdue Rojas, shooting him in the torso, leg, and hand through a glass door when he refused to drop his gun.

The thug would later be found guilty of attempted first-degree murder, attempted manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, grand theft auto, and fleeing. All told, he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 25 years.

Circuit Judge James Daniel admitted he couldn't comprehend why Rojas opened fire with intent to kill in the circumstances. He also said: "I'm pretty sure Mr. Rojas doesn't understand what the rest of his life means.”

If that was the case, the officer he shot at may have enlightened him. The cop had a few choice words for him, before presenting a going away gift he'd carefully selected himself.

"I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer or innocent bystander,” the officer said.

"If there was a coward on that day, it was Kevin Rojas. When I brought the fight back, you ran like a coward. So, I got a little gift for you.”

Without further ado, the officer then presented a bottle of KY-Jelly lubricant on the witness stand, telling Rojas: "You're going to need a lot of this where you're going little man.”

Naturally, the officer's move has been met with a mixed response online. Some people have praised his actions, suggesting that Rojas' punishment doesn't fit his crime in trying to gun down an officer simply going about his duties.

Others, however, claim the officer should have acted in a manner more befitting his professional capacity.

All I know is that no one should ever get off lightly for acting aggressively towards those people who sacrifice everything for the safety of society. This officer is a hero, and it makes me smile to know that Rojas will have a long time to contemplate the error of his ways behind bars.

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