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Brute Punches Woman In Brooklyn, 4 Firefighters Make Him Regret It

Josephine 02/09/2021

After New York City firefighters witnessed a man on a bicycle randomly punch a woman on the sidewalk a few feet from the fire station, they immediately started chasing after him.

In the incident caught on surveillance footage, the cyclist was seen outside the FDNY's 214/Ladder 111 fire station at around 5p.m. He approached a 60-year-old woman in a blue shirt from the opposite direction, before swerving onto the sidewalk.

He rode up to her and punched her in the face, knocking her onto the pavement.

A few seconds later, four firefighters ran out of the fire station and gave chase.

The cyclist managed to turn left on Hancock and Lewis Avenue before the firefighters caught up to him, wrestled him to the ground and pinned him down until police responded.

He was then taken into custody.

Before he was subdued, the man allegedly punched one fireman, 29, in the eye, causing bruising and swelling.

The woman, who suffered a cut mouth, declined medical attention at the scene, WCBS-TV reported.

The suspect was identified by police as 53-year-old Daniel Biggs.

Biggs and the victim were strangers, and investigators are working to determine Biggs' motive for the attack.

The NYPD revealed that Biggs had 18 prior arrests, including for assault and robbery. He had allegedly slashed a man in the face a few weeks prior.

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