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8 Body Features That Uncover Curious Things About You

Josephine 25/02/2022

We're all curious about our ancestry and where we come from. In 2019 alone, a whopping 26 million people took DNA tests to find out their genetic makeup. But there may be another way to see where some of your ancestors are from. And that can be done simply by looking at different parts of your body.

1. Foot shape can help determine your genetic lineage.

There are 5 main foot shape types: Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, and German. Each has different characteristics in the shape and length of the toes.

Greek: The second toe is the longest toe, even longer than the big toe.

Roman: The big toe and the second and third toes are usually of equal length, and the other 2 toes are shorter.  

Egyptian: The toes go from longest to shortest, starting at the big toe.

Celtic: The big toe is short and wide. The second toe is longer and the other toes decrease in length to the little toe.

German: The big toe is large and the other 4 toes are the same length.

2. Nose shape can divulge where your ancestors are from.

Of course, noses come in all shapes and sizes. But our ancestors' environment may have an effect on our nose shape, according to a study. The nose's purpose is not just to smell, but it also filters and regulates the air we breathe.

Therefore, if our ancestors lived in cooler climates, they evolved to have narrow noses with smaller nostrils to warm the cold air being inhaled. And in the hotter, more humid climates, a wider bridge, and more open nostrils would have been essential to survive the heat.

3. Face shape can reveal if you're a natural-born leader.

According to a study, people with rectangular faces, wider foreheads, and a strong jawline make excellent leaders. Companies that were led by people with this face shape were more financially successful.

4. Your eyes can tell what personality traits you have.

A study showed that people who have eyebrows that appear lifted, along with  big eyes, proved to be more  agreeable. It also showed that people with larger lips and noses were more extroverted.

5. Fingers can show your athletic potential.

A study found that people who had a shorter index finger than their ring finger were likely to be more athletic. This is because, in the womb, they were exposed to greater amounts of testosterone. People with lower testosterone levels are associated with having better verbal memories.

6. Belly button placement may indicate that you are a good swimmer or runner.

Belly button placement is a sign of where our  center of gravity is located. It doesn't matter if it's an innie or an outie, but its position on our torso means something.
A lower belly button may mean you're a better swimmer, according to a study. A higher belly button could make you a brilliant runner.

7. Our hands may indicate our personality traits.

Wider spread fingers may indicate that you're  independent and seek out solo adventures.
According to the director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, each finger is associated with different characteristics. She said that the strongest finger may reveal what things are important to you.
Our strongest finger is the one that, when placing our hands flat, doesn't have any bends or lean toward any of our other fingers.

The  thumb shows our drive to succeed.

The  index finger can show power and authority.

The  middle finger is a sign of accountability, security, and growth.

The  ring finger shows if creativity and self-expression are important to us.

The  little finger represents communication.

8. Eyebrow length may show what personality traits we have.

According to a facial reading expert, our eyebrows may signify our self-confidence, assertiveness, motivation, and other traits.

Short brows may signify someone who doesn't deal with stress very well.

Long brows can be a sign that someone deals well with stress and may be competitive.

Thin or sparse brows signify that a person may be more cautious and can doubt themselves.

Thick brows tend to show that someone enjoys being active.

Do you share any of these features and characteristics?

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