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Dead grandma found clutching the dead bodies of 2-YO twin grandkids whom she tried to save from knife massacre inside locked home

Antonia 09/11/2021

A DEAD gran has been found clutching the bodies of her two-year-old twin grandkids whom she tried to save from a knife massacre.

Tatyana Krutova, 45, was looking after Veronika, eight, and twins Dmitry and Mikhail while their parents went for a walk near Moscow, Russia.

Tatyana Krutova was found dead as she tried to protect her grandkids

Dmitry and Mikhail, two, were killed in the massacre

Veronika, eight, was also killed in the knife rampage in the town of Likino-Dulyovo

But while mum Irina Klepinina and her husband were away, the children and their grandma were killed in a stabbing rampage at the home in the town of Likino-Dulyovo.

Tatyana was found with multiple knife wounds on the sofa, clutching the twins as she tried to protect them.

Little Veronika was also discovered dead, cowering behind the sofa. 

All four victims suffered at least ten stab wounds each, reports say. 

When the parents returned from their walk, they found the door locked and called the police as the grandmother was not answering the phone.

But when officers arrived and forced the door open, Irina, 28, and her husband were confronted with the bloodbath.

Two knives were used in the massacre, according to police.

Reports say the grandmother’s nephew Sergey Morozov, 32, was detained at the scene over the killing and officers are now waiting to interrogate him.

He was described as "shouting incoherently".

Irina Klepinina, 28, with her daughter Veronika - who was also a victim

Russia’s most senior criminal detective Alexander Bastrykin - head of the Russian Investigative Committee - has taken the shocking case under his personal control. 

A video showed forensic officers at the scene.

 A neighbour told 360TV: "The couple were never without their children, they were always with them.

"This is just the best family." 

The couple have another child Olga, six, who was not present when her siblings and grandmother were  slaughtered. 

Veronika was Irina’s daughter from her previous marriage. 

Morozov had travelled to Egypt and Turkey and is the son of Tatyana’s sister Marina Morozova.

The committee said he had been detained on suspicion of murdering the woman and her grandchildren. 

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