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Woman Gets Enormous Tattoo Of Boyfriend's Name - And He Dumps Her A Week Later

Josephine 05/11/2021

"I heard you got a tattoo of your ex's name and y'all split up a week later,” the 21-year-old wrote alongside a video set to the Lizzo track "Rumors."

Grace's fans rushed the video's comments section with requests to check the ink.

The teenager was more than glad to comply, and in a subsequent video, they pulled up their shirt to display the tattoo.

Grace said only seconds before the big reveal, "Don't be scared, it's a bit huge.”

The word "ALEXANDER" stretched all the way down Grace's spine, from the tip of her neck to the top of her tailbone, astounded viewers.

"Not the Times New Roman typeface in size 48!" "Why?" questioned one bemused follower.

An outraged viewer commented, "The tattoo artist who did this ought to be thrown in federal prison.”

Others suggested Grace have the surname of a renowned Alexander added to the tattoo's base to make it less of a homage to an ex. Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Hamilton, and even Alexander the Great have all been mentioned.

Despite the ire of many of the 7.2 million people who watched the video, Grace stated they have no regrets about the tattoo.

"I still don't regret it even a year later. "It's been 11 months, and I still have no ideas or motivation to find a cover-up artist," they explained.

It's unclear whether Grace and "Alexander" are still friends.

Meanwhile, Grace isn't the first TikToker who has gone viral for a poorly timed tat.

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