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Boy suspended for 5 days after beating up his bully, mom “not even a little bit upset”

Antonia 14/10/2021

We can all agree that bullying has absolutely no place in the world. From a young age we’re taught that the practise is wrong, and that to intimidate and take advantage of others is despicable.

And yet, somehow, it endures. In schools all across the world, bullies exist, those children who have yet to be taught – or yet to accept – that they shouldn’t be making the lives of other kids a misery.

Mom Allison Davis knows this. As per her blog for Love What Matters, her son Drew was being bullied for years without his school taking the necessary measures to make it stop. As she explained:

Drew’s bully apparently threatened him on multiple occasions, resulting in Drew being afraid to walk the halls for fear of an attack.

“He quit talking to the adults about it because they never disciplined the bully and it just made the situation worse,” Allison told Love What Matters.


With the school doing little to help, and Drew of the opinion that he couldn’t trust adults to sort the problem out for him, he knew there was only one thing to do: stand up to his bully.

Allison explained: “

He decided HE would do something.

Bullying should never be tolerated in society, and though violence is never the answer some bullies simply have to learn the error of their ways.

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