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Elderly man goes outside to watch cranes every day so worker makes him a deal

Antonia 14/10/2021

Shawn noticed the nursing home resident watching them from his wheelchair as they worked. After learning his story, Shawn came up with a deal the man couldn't refuse.

A lot of people look forward to retirement after decades of working. But on the other hand, there are others who are still so passionate about their field – it’s difficult for them to hang up their hats.

Depending on the career, it could be possible to continue working if one really wants to. That is unless health issues arise and leave the person no choice but to walk away.

Sadly, this is what happened to a man named Harold. Unfortunately, he found himself no longer able to work as a crane operator because of his health.

Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Harold was able to relive his days of working on the job site.

It all started when crane operator Shawn Beveridge of Ohio kept noticing a man in a wheelchair sitting outside of a nursing home. Day after day the man would sit there watching the job site and the cranes move about for hours.

Shawn was confused why the elderly gentleman showed up every day, and finally became curious enough to introduce himself.

“Since day one when I arrived on this job site I’ve noticed him sitting there every morning from 7 a.m., he takes lunch when we do and doesn’t leave until I shut the crane down and head out,” Beveridge wrote in a Facebook post. “I originally had thought to myself, ‘He’s just a curious old man and wanting to enjoy his days outside vs being cooped up in his room.’ Well after a couple days, I myself got curious, so I walked over and introduced myself to him.”

Shawn learned that the man’s name was Harold and the two ended up conversing for about two and a half hours.

Another thing he found out was that Harold was previously a crane operator, but had to quit due to his health.

Turns out, Harold had clogged heart valves and a disease that’s been eating away at him for years. Harold explained to Shawn that he was nearing the end of his life and that he was overjoyed to be in the presence of a crane again.

Shawn was saddened to learn that though Harold has two daughters and a son, they haven’t visited him for the last seven years he has been in a nursing home.

o, he decided that he would make a deal with Harold.

Shawn told Harold that he would come sit and chat with him every day after his shift was over so Harold could critique and judge him on how his crane work was that day.

That way Shawn could learn from Harold.

In exchange, Shawn would get the senior a black coffee each morning and lunch twice a week from wherever Harold wanted.

“He didn’t skip a beat before ABSOLUTELY! came out of his mouth. I guess I’m writing this post because if I would have never walked over to him Iwould have never gotten to know him. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to make this man’s last days enjoyable. Filled with purpose and to be able to help him smile again,” Shawn wrote.

In his post, Shawn encouraged people to help bring joy to others as well

“I challenge any of you on here to not be like I was in the beginning and don’t be afraid to make someone else’s day better. Always try to enlighten someone’s spirits. When God chooses to take this man home I’m happy knowing that I’ve been placed here at this location to make his days better. I’m happy with that.”

People all over the internet have fallen in love with Shawn’s heartwarming post, which has been shared over 200K times. It goes to show that a little act of kindness can go a long way – and there’s nothing more rewarding than brightening someone’s spirits.

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