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Literally Just 15 Behind-The-Scenes Times Scarlett Johansson Was A Total Gift To Humankind

Antonia 15/10/2021

1. First, when she roasted Chris Hemsworth with this savage burn:

2. When Chris Evans scared the living daylights out of her and she never fully got over it:

3. When she had this hilariously honest reaction to a Twitter user who hates her acting:

4. When she explained the entirety of Infinity War in about .5 seconds:

5. When she and Mark Ruffalo adorably re-created this birthday bit throughout the entire Age of Ultron press tour and beyond:

6. When she was a little bit sneaky and sent Chris Evans into a frenzy over his missing name tag:

7. When she was 100% convinced she would not survive Thanos's snap and then — spoiler alert — she freaking survived(!!!):

8. When she had an absolutely perfect response to this comment about Black Widow:

9. When she did not hesitate to call out Jimmy Fallon during a game of True Confessions when he asked about her jellyfish sting:

10. When Jimmy Kimmel asked her about her favorite Black Widow line, and she shared her Iron Man 2 fail:

11. When she tried realllllllly hard to get the hang of this whole ~Zoom interviews~ thing and took a tumble or two along the way:

12. When her Black Widow costar David Harbor shared some dad jokes, and her reactions were *chef's kiss*:

13. When she was very excited to see Guillermo at the Oscars red carpet and stopped by for a shot of tequila:

14. When Sean Evans tried to show her the latest Avengers memes on Hot Ones and she totally showed off her internet knowledge:

15. And finally, when she wasn't afraid to call out sexist interview questions, like this one about what's under Black Widow's signature suit:

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