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Toddler Accidentally Shoots Mother Dead, She Was Driving

Josephine 18/08/2021

A toddler riding in the back of a car accidentally shot dead his mother with a gun that slid out from under the driver's seat, US police said on Wednesday.

Patricia Price, 26, was traveling south on Interstate 41/U.S. 175 around 10:30 a.m. when her child found the firearm as it slid out from the backseat, the Milwaukee County Sherriff's Office said in a statement.

The child, who was sitting behind his mom, took the gun and "shot through the seat, striking the driver," the sheriff's office said.

The driver's mother and 1-year-old were in the front passenger seat. The children were not in car seats, authorities said.

"Deputies also found a security officer's gun belt, belonging to the victim's boyfriend, on the floor of front passenger's seat," the statement said.

"The 40-caliber firearm was found on the floor of the backseat," deputies said. "Sheriff's detectives are conducting the investigation."

The woman had no pulse when first responders arrived and she was pronounced dead at the scene, the sheriff's office told NBC.

Andre Price said his daughter, Patrice Price, was a hard-working mother of three children. He said his daughter was driving her boyfriend's car at the time.

This is the second widely reported case of a child shooting a mother in a car in as many months.

On March 8, Florida gun rights advocate Jamie Gilt was seriously wounded on when her 4-year-old son shot her in the back from the back seat of her vehicle, police say.

According to Putnam County authorities, Jamie Gilt was discovered shot in her truck when a deputy noticed she was acting frantic. 

When the deputy approached Gilt, she told him she was shot by her young son.

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