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Woman Accidentally Texts Wrong Number Asking For Advice On Dress, Doesn't Expect To Change This Boy's Life

Josephine 01/10/2021

What do you do if you get a text from a wrong number? Sure, you can ignore the texting stranger and get on with your life. Or better, politely explain the mix-up to the sender. Some people like to play along and mess with people a little, just for fun.

This dad though, after receiving a text from a girl named Syd asking for advice on her dress, decided to spread some joy, instead of just replying 'sorry, the wrong number.' "I thought, let's try and make this young lady's day."Dad Tony told  . He got his kids together and sent out a series of cute texts that she will never forget. "I figured that the children's response would accomplish that substantially better than some middle-aged, overweight bald guy!”

What he didn't know, however, was how this random act of kindness would impact on the Spring Hill, TN, family's lives. You see, the missing child from Tony's cute approval pics is called Kaizler, and the reason that he wasn't there, smiling cheekily with thumbs-up along with his siblings, is because he was with his mom Rachel at his chemo clinic, where he is currently receiving a Leukemia treatment. "Kaizler is doing well, Tony told us. "We still have about a little over a year worth of treatments to go. He really wanted to try going to Kindergarten, so we gave that a shot, but he was getting sick way too often and had several hospitalizations.”

Tony and the kid's sweet exchange with Syd went crazy viral on Twitter, with people falling in love with the cheeky and heartwarming way it unfolded. And now their good deed has had totally unexpected and amazing consequences. "Since this all started we've had over $3,000 donated for our little cancer patient," Tony explained. “That's more than we had donated in total over the last two years. It's been amazing and is a bigger blessing than anyone could ever know. We were backed up to a financial wall. I've been working the entire time, but I was slowly but surely succumbing to the financial rigors of the situation.”

Crazy how the world works sometimes isn't it? This is a genuinely nice story full of positivity and love, something that we need more than ever in these divisive times. Helping people has generated so much good will, and will helpfully go a long way to getting little Kaizler the treatment and care he needs to get him through his condition.

Kaizler's mom Rachel has been overwhelmed by the reaction. "It is so refreshing to be reminded that there are good people in the world who still care about others and are quick to be generous and kind to others," she told  Bored Panda. "I would also like to thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words, all the prayers, all the donations, all the love, and support. We honestly would never have been able to make it to a happy ending in our journey without every single one of you!!!”

A young woman named Syd was trying on an evening gown and accidentally sent this text to a wrong number

Tony, a dad-of-six, replied with a message below

He even got his 5 kids involved, and they all approved the dress

The cute exchange went viral on Twitter, and had the most unexpected consequences

Turns out, Little Kaizler, the sixth kid, was missing from the photo because he was at his chemo clinic

This accidental text can now end up helping Kaizler get the treatment he needs

Since the post went viral, over $3000 has been raised for his treatment

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