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Boy on a bicycle crashed into a Porsche... What the owner of the car did SURPRISED everyone

Josephine 07/10/2021

 A little boy shed tears of joys when he received a new bike from an old man he expected nothing beyond forgiveness. 

The little boy who had accidentally hit the octogenarian's car with his old bike which did not have brakes was overcome by emotions when the old man gifted him a new motorbike, at the time he was expecting punishment or forgiveness at best. 

The teenager who was enjoying his ride at a nearby playing ground accidentally bruised the stranger's motor vehicle after failing to control his bike. The kind motorist returned a few days later with a brand-new red bike gifted him.  

The positive gesture demonstrated by the old man warmed the hearts of many people on social media. Netizens hailed the motorist for his kindness and act of compassion.  

Donna Bullis Wernick wrote: 

"What a kind man. He could have yelled at the kid for running into his car."  

Debbie Conner said: 

"What an amazing man you are to think of this young man and his safety. A car can be fixed but not a life. You are awesome." 

Carolyn Dubreuil commented: 

"I love the choice that the driver made! How very kind. My hope is that the young boy will pay it forward!"  

Barry Crampton added:  

"This man could have been really annoyed at what happened. But instead chose a different response to the event. What an awesome man." 

People generally seem to be shocked when they meet honest, genuine and loving persons in life.  

Just recently, Facebook user MakaBoyz MaZulu accidentally sent money to the wrong number but was like that the recipient was an honest person.  

Her intention was to send money to her husband's number, unfortunately, she typed in the wrong digits and the money made it's way somewhere else. After calling her bank and realising she could not reverse the payment, MakaBoyz proceeded to phone the number that had received the money. To her surprise, a lovely man answered and sent the money back to her.  

MaZulu did not believe it and shared the story on social media to encourage other people to be honest and truthful.  

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