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Video:Teacher Strips Student Down To Her Bra In Front Of Entire Classroom

Antonia 12/09/2021

An Oregon girl was embarrassed in front of her entire class when she was stripped to her underwear by the teacher. Another student captured the horrifying incident on camera with a cell phone.

Jay Remy, a spokesman with the Salem-Keizer School District, told the Daily News Tuesday Carrie McCann is under investigation by the school district after the video surfaced of her in a struggle with 15-year-old student Sara Rue on Thursday.

The student was overcome with anxiety and tried to leave a classroom at the Roberts Alternative High School after the teacher was having an argument with another student.

Rue said she was placed in a choke hold by the teacher and dragged back into the classroom. Rue's sweatshirt was torn off, revealing her red bra.

Carrie McCann is on adminsitrative leave with pay after the video shows her pulling Sara Rue's sweatshirt off as she tried to leave the classroom.

"Everyone turn around please," Rue whimpered as her fellow students looked on in shock in the video.

"My sweatshirt came off — the entire thing came off — and the whole class saw me naked," she told TV station KOIN. "And after that, I just started crying hysterically. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life."

Remy said the incident has caused quite a distraction among the students and an anti-bullying rally was held in support of the girl on Monday.

An anti-bullying rally was held at the Roberts Alternative High School Monday in support of the 15-year-old.

"Ultimately at some point we have to get back to the priority of educating the students and helping them graduate," he said. "We're trying to support the student and the students involved … and give them all of the support they need."

The investigation has begun, but Remy said he has not been informed if the teacher has given any explanation for her behavior.

He said there is no timetable for when the matter will be resolved.

"The video speaks for itself," he said. "The question is not if it occurred, but the question is what happened before and after the video and why."

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