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"Help me,mom":Baby's first words to mom are 'plea for help' - which later leads to surgery

Antonia 04/08/2021

A mom has gone viral on TikTok after capturing what she says are her baby's 'creepy' first word.

Mom Shawna Annie posted the clip showing her then baby daughter Rona babbling away sweetly. But as her caption, 'When your daughter's first words are a plea for help. Terrifying', reveals, things took a dark twist.

While the bub, then around four-months-old, starts out making typical noises, she soon blurts out what could be taken to sound like 'help me, mom'.

The short clip was enough to freak out many of Shawna's followers, who shared their unease in the comments.

"I would simply hand her to her father. He will help you ma'am, goodbye," joked one. "That scared me for real," added another.

A terrifying mom uploaded a video to TikTok of her baby's haunting first words

"Three words: Soooo clear," another chimed in, while another joked time was up for sharing a house with Rona, saying: "You gotta throw the whole baby away now."

Shawna herself commented to say that not only was it her 'first words', but that she'd 'never said a damn syllable' before that. Joking that while the words had been creepy, Rona, now a toddler, was a 'creepy kid in general' still.

The tiny tot clearly said: "Help me mom!" and viewers were shocked

But it turns out her daughter may have been trying to tell her mom something, with Shawna also revealing a medical checkup soon after filming the clip, prompted by the plea, led to a shocking discovery.

This shook me, I took her to the paediatrician who sent us to the cardiologist when she heard a murmur, she had surgery less than a month later," she revealed.

In a follow up clip, Shawna posted a series of photos documenting Rona's heart surgery and recovery, sharing that the two-year-old was now in great health. 

In a third clip she shared how any pleas for help had ceased, with the mum asking her to repeat 'help me, mom', only to be met with blank stares from the little girl. 

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