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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shares Tearful Story About His "Amazing Mom"

Antonia 03/11/2021

We've always had a soft spot for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his biceps the size of melons ... rockmelons.

Our love for the 49-year-old has only grown deeper after spying the Instagram he shared. In it he championed his mum Ata Johnson (who's of Samoan descent).

The Instagram picture shows her sitting on a private airplane, crying and blowing her nose while sitting with a plate of breakfast food. Dwayne explains in the caption why his mom is shedding some tears on such a happy day.

( Ata and Dwayne briefly lived in Auckland when he was a young tyke, with 'The Rock' going to Richmond Rd primary school).

Anyway, here's what he had to say: 

"Early AM flight and I'm sitting' across from my mom, when out of the blue she looks around the plane, then looks at me and says 'Son, I can't believe the life I have... grandma and grandpa would be so proud.' I asked her, 'Are you happy ma?'.

"Just then the flight attendant placed my mom's breakfast down on the table and my mom said to me, 'Am I happy?... I used to worry about how I was going to buy groceries for us and now I just had my breakfast placed down in front of me'. She bursts into tears and says, 'Yes, son I couldn't be happier'.

"This is the woman who, when I was 14yrs old we were evicted out of our apartment in Hawaii 'cause we couldn't afford the $180 per week rent. At this moment I'm shaking my head and smiling quietly (as my mom blows her nose ;) 'cause she just told me she's happy. And y'all know when our parents tell us they're happy, its so satisfying for us, 'cause it means we've done a good job for them as their kids.

When Ata was involved in a horrific car accident in 2014, Dwayne shared a touching message about the importance of family and documented his mom's recovery. She seems like an incredibly strong woman, as she also beat stage-3 lung cancer in 2010. With a mom like Ata, it's no wonder that The Rock is as strong as he is!

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