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Influencer Loses 2 Million Followers Because Of Her Mom

Antonia 09/08/2021

A 14-year-old influencer has lost almost 2 million followers on social media after her mom decided to delete her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Valentina Rocha Kanner Rios had grown her following to over 1.7m across her popular social media accounts, where she went by the name Nina Rios, but her mom Fernanda thought it was a 'bad influence'.

Fernanda Rocha Kanner, (right) a physician and mother of the 14-year-old Nina Rios, (left) an influencer.

"It's hard enough for you to find out who you are at 14 years old. When there are two million you've never seen in your life thinking they know you, it's even more dangerous. It's easier to lose yourself," mom Fernanda said during an interview on local Brazilian program 

Fernanda believed it was high time to delete her daughter's accounts, claiming: "When I logged in, I'd see 30 identical selfies and little dances that anyone can do.

"Radical, yes. Necessary, too."

The mom also took to her own Instagram account in July to explain why she decided to delete her daughter's accounts.

"Annoying, I know, but our role as a mother is not to be your buddy, and you will only understand that in hindsight...," she wrote.

Valentina had 1.7m across her social media accounts, where she went by the name Nina Rios.

"The affection you have for her is the cutest thing but I don't think it's healthy even for an adult and much less for a teenager to base her self-discovery on online feedback...

"I don't want her to grow up believing she's this character. I don't want her advertising flammable polyester clothing made in China. I don't want my brilliant daughter doing her daily dances like a trained baboon...

"It's a sad generation for which this counts as fame."

Fernanda (pictured centre left with Valentina centre right) explained that she received praise from other mothers for her actions, while other teenagers described her as 'possessive'

Fernando also explained hat she received praise from other mothers for her actions, whereas the response from other teenagers was less supportive, with some describing her as "possessive".

When asked about how she felt after the move, Nina told : "I obviously wasn't very happy. I got quite angry."

She is now unsure when - or if - she will return to social media.

"I'll choose. At the moment, I don't want to. It's going to be something that's only going to get in my way and it will only make it worse," she said.

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