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Teen Returns Lost Wallet Full Of Cash To Veteran, Gets Heartfelt Text From His Mom After She Finds Out

Josephine 17/08/2021

Tommy O' Connor, an Irvington High School senior, was leaving a 7-Eleven outlet on his way to class when he found a wallet on the ground.

He looked for the name of the owner, but when he couldn't find it, he went to class across the street. Later, he told Anna Gomez, his para-educator, about the wallet.

Gomez stated: "He was so concerned about finding the wallet's owner. No other option even occurred to him. He immediately knew what he had to do."

Gomez went through the wallet, in which she found 23 $100 bills as well as a Veteran's Identification Card which had the wallet owner's name on it.

They consulted Principal Sarah Smoot, who helped them get in contact with the owner of the wallet.

The unnamed wallet owner was grateful to the student, and explained that the money in the wallet was his rent money. He gave O' Connor a $50 reward.

"Tommy has always been that kind of person — he's very empathetic to other students," Irvington physical science teacher, Dipa Kalra, said. "I called his mother and told her she should be proud. He never thought of himself, only what the wallet's owner was feeling."

Shortly after, Tommy's mother sent him a text which read, “I'm very proud of you son. Ms. Kalra called me. Wow your one in a million. Love you to the moon and back." To which Tommy so kindly responded "you should be thanking yourself you raised me."

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