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Two Gang Members Dress Up As Lawyers And Shoot Mobster Dead In Court

Antonia 28/09/2021

A notorious Indian gangster has been gunned down in a courtroom by two hitmen disguised as lawyers before they were shot dead by police.

Jitender Maan, 30 and Delhi's most-wanted mobster who was known by his nickname Gogi, was attending a hearing today in connection with a murder case.

He was arrested last year on charges of murder, attempted murder, extortion, possession of illegal arms, carjacking and land grabbing.

A notorious Indian gangster has been gunned down in a courtroom by two hitmen disguised as lawyers before they were shot dead by police

The hitmen had been waiting inside the court when Gogi was brought in for questioning.

Minutes after he arrived, the killers 'whipped out pistols and opened fire', a senior police officer told The Indian Express.

Officials said the gangster was shot up to six times and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Jitender Gogi, 30, was in court in Delhi on charges of attempted murder and extortion, among others, when he was killed

After the undercover gunmen opened fire, armed police at the scene shot dead the two killers.

Authorities said they were members of a rival local gang but their names have not yet been released. 

Gogi was born and raised in and around Delhi, though was far from a career criminal - as a young man he attended Delhi University where he was described as a 'bright and promising' student.

But he dropped out of school following his father's death in 2010, according to the Times of India, and began dealing in property before becoming a criminal

He quickly moved from property to a life of crime, and was first arrested for shooting at a man named as 'Praveen' in 2010. It is unclear what sparked that confrontation.

Later that same year he was involved in yet another attempted shooting, this time over elections at Delhi University that saw his friend - who was running for a post in the student government - beaten by a man named Sunil Tajpuria and his friends.

Gogi is believed to have launched a revenge attack, beating Tajpuria and firing at his group - beginning what would become a decade-long gang rivalry.

He was arrested over that attack in 2011, and since then - police say - has dedicated himself to criminal activities.

Gogi went on to form the Jitender Gogi gang which became involved in extortion and land-grabbing around Delhi. 

Gogi was brought into the court for questioning when two men disguised as lawyers stood up, took out pistols, and shot him

Meanwhile Tajpuria formed the rival Tillu gang which went to war with Gogi. The feud has been linked to at least 10 deaths in the last 10 years.

Gogi was arrested in 2016 after years spent terrorising Delhi's streets, but within three months was free again after escaping police custody while on his way to court.

Cops put a 400,000 rupee (£4,000) reward on Gogi's head, but it made little difference and he remained at large for years afterwards.

In 2017 he was accused of shooting dead folk singer Harshita Dahiya, who was a witness in a murder case against a Gogi gang member.

The following year he was back in the news again, accused of getting into a firefight with the Tillu gang on a Delhi street - leaving three people including at least one gangster and a passerby dead.

Gogi was finally caught in 2020, hiding in a safe-house in Gurugram on the outskirts of Delhi. 

He was arrested alongside two men believed to be his closest lieutenants - Kuldeep Fazza and Rohit Moi - while police also found weapons and a large amount of ammo.

Fazza subsequently escaped from custody but was shot during a confrontation in March this year. Police rushed him to hospital but were attacked en route and forced to abandon him, leaving him to die.

A police officer stands guard outside Rohini courthouse in New Delhi after a shoot-out that killed notorious gangster Jitender Maan - known as Gogi

Ever since, Gogi has been accompanied by enhanced security - but it was evidently not enough to prevent him from being shot dead in court today. 

Footage from the courtroom shows people fleeing as loud gunshots ring out causing chaos.

With most proceedings held virtually because of coronavirus restrictions, very few people were present in the courtroom at the time of the shooting, said lawyer Satyanarayan Sharma, who was at the court as part of a different case.

He criticised a security lapse and demanded a thorough investigation.

The gunmen were members of a gang led by jailed gangster Tillu Tajpuriya, according to local media.

It comes months after one of Gogi's associates Fajja escaped from police custody when he arrived in a courtroom.

Gogi has since been accompanied by Counter Intelligence forces during their hearings but they were unable to ward off today's attack.

Police said Gogi and his rival Tillu have been running extortion rackets for years and their respective gangs have constantly been at war.

In the last six years, 10 members of the two gangs have been killed and others have survived assassination attempts.

A police officer told the Indian Express that Gogi and Tillu knew each other from their student days at Delhi University where they often clashed over politics. 

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