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As Soon As His Wife Sent Him This Picture, This Marine Filed For Divorce

Antonia 06/08/2021

As soon as a Marine got a good look at the image his wife sent him while he was away, he was ready to file for divorce. You likely would be, too, if you noticed what he saw. It was definitely something his devious wife was hoping to keep a secret.

While a Marine was deployed, his wife sent him a photo. However, the Marine soon noticed something very suspicious in the snapshot. Many people might have missed what the Marine saw, as it blended into the background quite well. But once it’s pointed out, you won’t be able to unsee it

The photo of the Marine’s wife was actually taken by a friend of her husband. The Marine had reportedly asked his friend to go take a picture of his wife so that he could see her. In hindsight, perhaps the man wishes that he had never made this request, as it ultimately revealed a truth that was difficult to swallow.

A Marine saw a black man’s hand sticking out from underneath the bed in a photograph she sent him.

The picture taken by the Marine’s buddy prompted the Marine to ask for a divorce immediately. It showed a man’s hand sticking out from underneath the bed. Once you see the hand, it becomes clear that a black man is trying to obscure himself under the woman’s bed.

In the picture in question, the Marine’s wife is seated on a bed, presumably the couple’s marital bed. There is a guitar on the bed next to her and the sun is shining through the sheer curtains behind her. All of that is secondary, though, to the black man’s hand which is very clearly sticking out from underneath the bed.

A Marine saw a black man’s hand sticking out from underneath the bed in a photograph she sent him.

The photo of the wife quickly went viral, as it suggests that the wife was cheating on her husband and that her lover panicked when the husband’s friend arrived. This has understandably angered many a social media user who believe that marriage is sacred and that, at the very least, a military wife should remain faithful to her husband when he is overseas, risking his life for his country.

The husband filed for divorce from his wife after seeing the photo and discovering her cheating. Meanwhile, many readers shamed the wife for being unfaithful to her husband. “She has a guilty look on her face,” one The Shred reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “If you can’t see the hand, look from the woman’s elbow nearest the edge of the bed and go directly left. It’s sticking out from under the bed. It’s a dark skin colored hand outstretched.”

“First of all, she was dead wrong,” another wrote. “He should divorce her. Second, the dude she was cheating with was stupid. Why did he leave his hand out? He should have tucked his hand under his chin. Lastly, she looked busted and disgusted. So totally obvious that something was going on. She deserves everything she gets.”

Indeed, almost nobody took the wife’s side in this case, and understandably so. You reap what you sow. This woman made her bed, and now she will have to lie in it for the rest of her life.

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