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AMAZING|40-Year-Old Woman Addicted To Eating Powered Clay Face Mask

Josephine 09/07/2021

  You know how you're always craving food that tastes like wet rocks?

  No? Oh, in that case it's just 40-year-old Natasha. Natasha has been consuming up to a jar a day of powdered clay face mask for the past seven years, which adds up to more than 1,000 lbs of clay mask, and now sometimes substitutes clay for meals.

  She has consumed more than half-a-ton of the substance over the past seven years, to satisfy her craving for the taste of rocks and earth.

  "It tastes wonderful, like wet rocks. And it always comforts me," she said in the show.

  But don't think she's secretly knocking back shots of the mineral-based beauty treatment in secret; eating clay mask mix is part of her daily routine.

She consumes up to a jar of clay a day, replaces meals with it and sometimes uses it as a dip accompanied by a bowl of chips.

  Natasha explained that she likes the smell of the earth after it rains, and clay powder tastes the same.

  Luckily, Natasha's strange love affair with clay appears not to have left any lasting damage to her body.

  While ingesting aluminium and titanium could potentially lead to kidney and nervous system damage, the doctors recently gave her a clean bill of health.

  That's one strong digestive system.

  Explaining the negative impact the clay could have on her stomach, she said: 'We’re talking about something that can settle there and just get stuck.'

  Natasha said that the clay fills her up so she doesn't have to eat, but Dr Henry argued that the full-feeling she experiences is the result of 'gunk just sitting in your gut.'

  She suggested that the condition could be cultural or rooted in a chemical imbalance.

  'Individuals that suffer from what we call geophogy, which is eating things like soil or dirt, sometimes its actually cultural,' she revealed.

To eat the powder, Natasha uses folded paper, business cards or wide-angled spoons to scoop it out of the pot and into her mouth.

  She is so dependent on the substance she will not leave the house without it and has been known to eat it while at work.

  Nathanial, Natasha's boyfriend, said he was shocked when Natasha first revealed her bizarre habit.

  'When she first admitted it to me, I thought it was a joke... You know like "oh man, you eat what?" he recalled.

He said that worst part, is that she ends up getting the powder all over face and body.

  Natasha said that she has also seen people shake their head at her when she has consumed the clay powder in public, which made her feel 'so strange.'

  She is now working on her compulsion with the help of  Dr Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.

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