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Black Father Receives Note After Couple Saw Him Interact With His Son At Cracker Barrel

Josephine 11/09/2021

Kevon Smith Sr. sat down with his 3-month-old son at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, unaware that he was going to make headlines just because of his parenting.

While in the restaurant in Willoughby, Ohio, he noticed a couple staring at him and Kevon Jr., smiling. He was confused at the time, but chose to focus on his meal instead.

He said: "I noticed this older couple over in the corner. They kept smiling at me and I was looking at my son like, 'What is going on?'"

However, when he left the restaurant, he found a note on his car praising him for his parenting. The couple had also left cash to pay for his breakfast.

The note read: "Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby as long as God intends. Keep doing what you're doing. The Masons."

Kevon had impressed the couple with his relationship to his son, and he stated that their generosity moved him.

"There's a lot of guys I know that aren't taking care of their kids," Kevon Sr. said, and added that he would tell his son the story when he taught him about kindness and how it goes a long way.

"I'm definitely going to make sure I'm paying it forward," he said. "I get blessed. I want to bless someone else."

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